Autumn Feet Tip: Dry Cracked Heels

It is that time of year again when our heels have finally succumbed to the effects of summer and you find yourself “velcroed” to the carpet from time to time.


There are many causes for dry, cracked heels – being barefoot in summer, or open back shoes, forgetting your foot care regime, family history, circulation issues, diabetes, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, standing on your feet for long periods, weight gain and poor footwear.


In a nutshell though, when we step down our fat pad and skin around our heels needs to expand – if our skin is dry or thick it loses the inability to stretch and begins to crack. Smooth, moisturised skin tends to expand better.


Most of us forget to moisturise our feet regularly with excuses that your Podiatriast hears all day such as –


“it’s too sticky, I will slip in my shoes, I do my face, body and legs – but somehow not my feet, the cream gets my sheets dirty, I know I should but I just forget…..”


With all of the above in mind, how do you fix the problem?


Like everything maintenance, maintenance & maintenance –


Step 1. Visit your Podiatrist at MediPedi – we will be able to expertly remove any dry callus skin and leave your feet smooth again. If there is any kind of cracking, there really isn’t any way round having the callus debrided safely. Forget about those foot peels, they only take the top layer of skin off and we have seen peoples skin continue to peel for weeks.


Step 2. Moisturise Daily – we love our new Callusan Foams we have in store they absorb well and don’t leave that sticky residue

Step 3. Pumice, Buff your feet at home


Step 4. Visit your Podiatrist – again. Every 6 weeks to 4 months. This will ensure your heels do not get out of control again.