Introducing PolyGel, a better alternative to SNS & Acrylic


We are  thrilled to add a new service to our menu – POLYGEL by Gelish. A better alternative to acrylic and SNS nails.

At MediPedi we love healthy nails – which is why we have not offered Acrylics or SNS. We don’t like drills (thin nails!), we don’t like the smell (chemicals!), we don’t like the damage they cause to your nails (dehydrated, flaky nails!) and we don’t like the unhealthy working environment(dust!).


BUT we do understand that especially when you work in retail, hospitality and hairdressing to name few industries – it is hard to keep your nails perfect. So we have been on the hunt for an alternative – and have followed and eagerly awaited the release of PolyGel into Australia about 8 weeks ago.


Polygel is an amazing product that combines the great features of acrylic and hard gel into a revolutionary all-in-one system, without the nasty bits.

We love PolyGel by Gelish because: –


  • Stronger Than Hard Gels
  • More flexible than Acrylics
  • Lighter than Acrylics ( by 23%)  and Hard Gels ( by 16%)
  • No airbourne dust
  • No Monomer ( glue )
  • 7 Free
  • Up to 21 days wear
  • Cured by LED light
  • Natural Feeling Enhancement



Polygel Overlay – $70  – allow 1 hr 15 minutes.

Polygel Refills – $60 1 hr

Polygel French  – $85

Add Dazzle Dry or Gel Colour  – $15  + extra 15 minutes

Removal of PolyGel $25


As with Gels, SNS and Acrylic correct removal is so important.

Please do not pick, pull or bite your PolyGel as it may cause damage that could take months to repair. We advise that you book in for a removal with us at MediPedi.

PolyGel is a buff off system we do not remove the entire product and will leave a very thin layer remaining on the nail. This ensures no damage is caused to the natural nail through over buffing.